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Pale Nightingale lyrics (new album 2016)


01. Lily flower

Lily flower since you’ve left
I’ve left everything where you’d left
This glass of water it talks to me
Its every sip comforts me

I’ll be your wet pillow case
When tears are running down your face
I’ll be that last drop of tear
When you fight your darkest fear

Lily flower don’t you know
Drinking water can be fun sometimes
As you smoke your cigarette and you sip your wine
I’m drinking water and having fun

I hold your hand in your dreams
Swim with you through a sea of tears
I’ll be your last cigarette
When your night comes to an end

Sometimes I feel a little lonely
Sometimes I feel a little down
But Lily she comes and tries to save me
When no one else is around

02. Lost innocence

Far away now
And I might never come home
But I know my heart belongs to you

Fall asleep now
Chase a dream of better days
When awake, it feels pale and grey

And I know I won’t see you again
To cherish you like a long lost friend
And I miss you my lost innocence
My nightingale is not here to stay
She’ll sing her song and she’ll fly away
And I’ll miss her, and her serenade

Pull away now
All the strings of hope
But I know my faith will guide my way

Tell your secrets
Open windows in your mind
It’s just a game
I’m here willing to play

Break a smile
I feel I wanna belong to you
It takes a while
Yes I’m gonna search the truth
If I could only keep you by my side
I would spread my wings
And I would fly

03. I found a way

She comes over to me
She sits and talks to me
I don’t even care
What she has to say

She really thinks I care
One day I’ll dare
To say it her face
I’m sick of her emptiness

I found a way to let her go
That’s the thing you need to know
You found a way to disappear
That’s the way you deal with fear

Bitter taste of pain
I’ve dealt with it my friend
I’m passing it to you
As I’m bleeding tears for you

Listen to you heart
Does it lie to you?
Or like everyone else
Tries to fool with you

Come close and you will see
There’s a heart missing in me
Tell them if they need to know
Cuz I can’t take it anymore

04. Sweet memories

Woke up in my bed
On a sunny day
I saw a bird singing in the balcony
She stared at me

Brightened by the sun
Felt just like a dream
Dream of a light
Dream of a beauty

Let me stay with you
Don’t run away from me
I wanna reach you
My sweet memories

Let me feel you
Don’t hide yourself from me
Don’t wanna lose you
My sweet memories

Searching for your face
In this crowded place
Your walls are high
Your light is too bright
It makes me blind

I have come to know
A secret little place
Where I hide
When I lose my strength

I’ll give my life, to hold you close once again
I’d lose it all if I could ease your pain

05. Wait

Late at night, I come home
I find you sitting on your own
Oh I wish I could explain
How beautiful you look

Silently approaching you
Gently touching you
Oh I wish I could explain
The kind of pleasure that I gain

Hey, hey, wait
I’ve got something to say
Take away the pain

It’s been years since you’ve been gone
Pain of losing you carries on
Oh I wish you’d taken away
All the memories with you

What is it you’re looking for
That you couldn’t find in me?
What is it that I want
That I’ve lost in everybody else?

06. One more day

It’s not every single day
But sometimes I do sit and pray
I pray for better days
Away from this lonesome place

Stay, Stay in Love
When I noticed the tears in your eyes
They came to me as some kind of surprise
I thought about them every day and every night
Girl I’m sorry you’re not by my side

But at least now I know
Every tomorrow will bring some more pain
Even if you stay baby, even if you care
It won’t be the same, it won’t be the same

Once again I find myself
In a position where I’ve lost myself
But don’t you worry I’ll be fine
I just need some more time

Stay in Love one more day
I don’t really care what comes my way
The past is gone, the future is a secret
Today I’m hoping I’ll find my way

07. Արագիլ

Ես ոչ անտուն եմ, ոչ էլ տարագիր
Ունեմ հանգրվան, ունեմ օթևան
Ազատ հայրենիք, երջանիկ Երկիր
Երջանիկ, երջանիկ Երկիր

Բարով արագիլ, բարի արագիլ
Արագիլ գարնան, արագիլ ամռան
Իմ տան մոտ ապրիր բախտի արագիլ
Բույն հյուսի ծառին, բարդու կատարին

Իմ բալիկների աստղերն են շողում
Հույսով, անթառամ վարդերով վառման,
Վշտերս դառան ժպիտներ շողուն
Ժպիտներ, ժպիտներ շողուն

08. Don’t blame me

Don’t Blame me I’m innocent
I just happened to be in your way
If I could change anything
My mistakes would stay the same

I fall behind so I can see
My own self from your point of view
But I guess you were too far to see
The kind of pain I was going through

Just because I wonder
It doesn’t mean that I’m lost
Just because you found me here
Doesn’t mean that I’m not

Then again what’s the point?
You’re still the one I try to avoid
Who am I to decide or say
I would do thing my own way?

Find the words to say
What happened wasn’t fair
You cut me open and left me bleeding
Consolation is what we need

The Beautified Project ft Sona Rubenyan – Wait lyrics


Late at night, I come home
I find you sitting on your own
Oh I wish I could explain
How beautiful you look

Silently approaching you
Gently touching you
Oh I wish I could explain
The kind of pleasure that I gain

Hey, hey, wait
I’ve got (one more) something to say
Take away the pain (Come and take away, my pain)

It’s been years since you’ve been gone
Pain of loosing you carries on
Oh I wish you’d taken away
All the memories with you

What is it you’re looking for,
That you couldn’t find in me?
What is it that I want,
That I’ve lost in every body else?

The Beautified Project – United We Fall lyrics

The Beautified Project – lyrics

united we fall cover










Tears fill her eyes
As she says her last goodbye
She fakes one more smile
She doesn’t want me to see her cry

Pain reaches inside
This broken heart of mine
But the hands of fate are tight
And the hands of faith are tired

I can see her falling
But she can’t see the ground
She can see me dying
Does she even mind?
I will reach you to teach you
The bitterness of loss
I will haunt you then hunt you
Is this the end of us?

You chased your dreams away
While mine are here to stay
A treasure that’s lost and found
A pleasure that stays around

You turn that key again
In this dirty hole of shame
The strings of hope turn loose
When there’s nothing left to lose

I’ll wipe your tears, I’ll burry your fears
Every time you bleed
I’ll hold you near cos you’re my dear
You’re all I ever need

I can see her falling
She’s gonna hit the ground
She can see me dying
She doesn’t even mind

Red Rivers

It’s not my blood it’s my joy
Tonight my love you’re in control
Get inside and just let it go

Serpents will hide in your hands
And my blood is their prey
Get inside and just let it flow

Red Rivers flow
You can die in my hands
As my sadness descends
Red rivers

Wear your heart on your sleeve
Let your blood take a leave
Raise this flame
And just let it glow

Pleasure can’t beat my own pain
Cos my pain keeps me sane
Take the blame and just let it flow

Red Rivers Flow
Can’t you see it my dear
I am dying right here
Red rivers

Dagger dagger dagger away
A broken heart feels no pain
She’s a canvas for your art
Tear her try to reach her heart


These are the promised early graves
I’m facing my darkest days
I’m sinking into a deeper hole
As I’m losing all my grace
I thought I could live with it
By hiding behind my smile
I shot myself in my own leg
So I could take a break for a while

So come and save me save me
I’m lost here all over again
Feel me feed me
Come and ease my pain
Make me, break me
Start all over again
Love me, hate me
Do I even care?

Hurt me so I can tell myself
Maybe I was right
Love me so I can forget myself
And think of you for a while
Do I really hate myself?
You think that’s just a lie
Would it make things easier
If only I could die

Is it too soon to let you go?
I know the cuts feel a little sore
Soon you will learn
You’ve gotta stand on your own
Soon you will learn
You’re all alone

Dark Cube

Take me all the way
I’m not here to stay
Been there and done it all
Never lost control

A loaded gun to my head
Will she find me dead?
A smoking gun can be fun
When the bullet’s on the run

Caress my brain
Run inside my vein
Down the memory lane
Before I go insane

Panic leads my way
Sail these shores of grey
As the greed will kill us all
United we fall

Sugar-coated pain
Your bar-coded name
I’ll put you down to shame
Include me in your game
If only I could choose
That one game I could lose
I’ll tempt my fate again
And face this bitter end

Black wooden nest

Live to die another day
I’ve seen you drive my sanity away
I’ve been there I’ve done it all
Gone all the way to see you fall

I’ve built you a black wooden nest
I’ll lay you down for your final rest
Close your eyes feel the joy
This nothingness means nothing at all

Feel my anguish ease my pain
I’m not going down that road again
Pull me under erase my grace
You’ve chosen my path let me choose my pace

This tired candle will burn your wings
Love will die just like kings and queens
Hold it down don’t let it breathe
Where there is pride there’ll be defeat

Come and find me in my darkest place
Let my secrets bleed on your face


I Stare in the mirror
I see myself disappear
Like a withered flower
Longing for a tear
I stare in the mirror
I see myself fade away
Like a withered flower
Dying in fear

As my sorrow turns to tears
Will you stay will you help me breathe?
As my sorrow turns to tears
Will you stay? Will you help me?

Find me another day
Where all I see is colored grey
Let’s change and find a different way
Take your time let me be your prey

Turn it loose just let it fly
Cut the ties don’t let it die
You’ve given it wings
Just let it fly
Spread its wings and brighten the sky

Somehow Someday
We’ll find a way
But today let’s enjoy this grey

I know it’s hard to feel again
Embrace your soul
Release this pain

Broken Smile

I’m not sure if it’s gonna work
Maybe I need some time alone
All the little things she said
All the little pills I take

Maybe it’s just a little dream for me
Some kind of little fantasy
Maybe it’s your little game
That I’m not prepared to play

Did you see those little lights?
They got dimmed by the autumn winds
Did you feel some glimmer of hope
It got killed by the winter breeze

Did you see that broken smile?
And how it still keeps on smiling
Did you see that broken man?
And how quiet he was dying

Maybe your life is supposed to be this way
Painted in some kind of deeper Grey
Or maybe it’s just me
It’s the way I choose to see

My Own Bitter Requiem

These strings are a mask, my life is a task
Just a reflection from my mirror’s point of view
Face down I stare at the ground
Into the eyes of my future

Cyanide on Saturday night
Some contrasts cannot be defined
A bitter-sweet melody
Come harmonize my agony

Once again I trust in you
To share with you my point of view
But it seems to me, that you’ve moved on
And I’m left here all on my own

Falling down at the speed of sound
I wanna reach to the bottom of your mind
Swim in sorrow drown in pain again
I wanna be the coldest winds
Descending on your fragile wings
Sending chills
Down your spine again

Reality will finally take its toll
Pull you under turn you cold, what a shame
Your beating heart won’t hear the call
Giving up to the eternal fall instead

I wanna reach to the highest ground
I’ll trade my soul to feel the crown on my head
My own bitter requiem
Will shine on you my lonely friend
So Let’s pray

Kilikia (lyrics, Armenian)

Երբոր բացվին դռներն հուսո,
Եվ մեր երկրեն փախ տա ձմեռ,
Չքնաղ երկիրն մեր Արմենիո,-
Երբ փայլե յուր քաղցրիկ օրեր.
Երբոր ծիծառն իր բույն դառնա,
Երբոր ծառերն հագնին տերև՝
Ցանկամ տեսնել զիմ Կիլիկիա,
Աշխարհ՝ որ ինձ ետուր արև:

Հասակ մը կա մեր կենաց մեջ,
ՈՒր ամենայն իղձ կավարտի.
Հասակ մը, ուր հոգին ի տենչ՝
Հիշատակաց յուր կարոտի.
Հորժամ քնարս իմ ցրտանա,
Սիրույն տալով վերջին բարև՝
Երթամ ննջեմ զիմ Կիլիկիա,
Աշխարհ՝ որ ինձ ետուր արև:

Kilikia (lyrics, Russian)

надежда отворит врата
зима уйдет из наших гор
Армения, страна моя
весны оденет вновь узор
вернется ласточка домой
листвой покроет тополя
и я вернусь в свой край родной
родину солнца — Киликия

сирийских видел зной полей
прохладу знал ливанских скал
запомнился Италией
венецианский плеск гондол
прекрасней Кипра нет в морях
ни островов, ни берегов
блаженней нет чем Киликия
родины солнца и богов

я знаю что настанет день
все претворится в явь тогда
наступит час, и жажды тень
покинет душу навсегда
когда в последний раз тебе
с тоской и болью я спою
на вечный сон к тебе вернусь
в Киликию, в страну мою

Kilikia (lyrics, English)

When doors of hope are opened wide,
And dreary winter flees away,
Our beauteous Armenia
Beams forth in glad and smiling day;
When swallows to their nests return
And trees put on their leaves so bright
I yearn for my Kilikia,
The land where first I saw the light.

There comes to each a time of life
When all our hopes have gone at last,
The poor soul longs and strives no more;
And dwells alone upon the past;
The, when my breaking harp, unstrung
Shall sing to hope a last good-night,
I’ll sleep in my Kilikia,
The land where I first saw the light.

MTV Beautified again…

 There is good news for Beautified Family. The band’s music video of the song BUTTERFLY is being aired by the mid-east branch of official MTV channel… The famous satellite channel, which is the most famous music channel brand in the world, is being viewed world-wide by millions of music fans with different nationalities… The Beautified Project’s official email inbox has been bombarded with emails of praise for the video and the song, by music fans all over the world.

We thank our big international Beautified Family for their amazing support. It is you who make us work harder to achieve even bigger goals.

We would like to thank the director of the video, Loris Movsisyan, camera operator Ara Gasoyan, our official graphic designer and photographer Arvin Kocharian, and our mid-east promoter Joe Sarkissian and actress Luiza Nersisyan for making this video very special….


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The Beautified Project @ Bush Hall

After months of hard work by The Beautified Project and the band’s official online promoter          Tigran Mkrtchyan, and the dedication of organizations, ACCC, BBC, Music Of Armenia, and help of many devoted fans, The Beautified Project played a memorable concert at the prestigious Bush Hall in London. The band was surprised by the big number of the people who attended the concert as this was their first concert in London in the past 5 years. The concert was filmed by the international branch of world-famous BBC. All official pictures by Zoubin Navi.

Exclusive official pictures coming soon.

Beautified’s British line-up and the 1st picture

On Tuesday 5th of April, The Beautified Project started practicing at the Survival Studios in West London, for their upcoming concerts. Joining Andre, Armen and Arlen are English drummer Oliver Haminton and Brazilian bass player Felipe Neves.

Beautified says: It was really fun for us to share our music with two musicians whom we have never worked with before but became good friends within 5 minutes. We practiced Me & My Despair, Been Searching, Red Rivers and Take My Hand today. Hopefully we’ll have 12 songs and a couple of acoustic songs for our big concert on the 10th of April.

British Politicians in Armenian Genocide Memorial Concert?

On 2nd of April, three members of The Beautified Project were reunited in London to start getting ready for their three London concerts which will be filmed for a documentary by BBC. In the evening of Saturday 2nd of April the band was invited to meet British Politician of Armenian descent, Councilor Ara Iskanderian.

Mr. Iskanderian had a leading role in pushing the issue of ARMENIAN GENOCIDE in Ealing Council, a part of London with over 350.000 British population. The band were introduced to other local politicians including  Member of Parliament Mr. Stephen Pound and Council Leader Mr. Julian Bell who have had amazing rolls in recognizing the Armenian Genocide in Ealing Council.  Ara Iskanderian, Stephen Pound and Julian Bell welcomed the band members on behalf of the people and talked at length about their common musical influences.


Politicians showed their willingness to attend The Beautified Project’s concerts on the 10th and 16th of April, especially because the 16th concert (in St. Yeghiche Armenian Church) is dedicated to the memory of victims of the ARMENIAN GENOCIDE.

All three concerts’ dates are here.

The Beautified Project LONDON CONCERTS

The Beautified Project will play three concerts in London, in association with ACCC of Great Britain and the Persian branch of world-famous BBC channel.

This is the first time an English-Language band from Armenia plays concerts for the British audience.

Please note all 3 concerts will be filmed by BBC for a documentary about the band.




Here are the dates:

1.Sunday 10th of April – BUSH HALL

full-band rock concert. Doors 7:30

Address: 310 Uxbridge Road, London, W12 7LJ

2.Saturday 16th of April – Church of St. Yeghiche

Unplugged ARMENIAN GENOCIDE  Memorial Concert. Doors 7:30

Address: Cranley Gardens, London SW7 3BB

3.Sunday 17th of April – 12 Bar Club

unplugged concert. Doors 7:30

Address: 26 Denmark St, London WC2H 8NL

For more information please call: +44 7535155873

And don’t forget to like us on facebook and follow on twitter :)

rock! rearranged using violin and cello… (videos, pics)

Dear Beautified Family!

Here is  the unplugged version of The Beautified Project’s hit song BUTTERFLY and All Alone (dedicated to Arshile Gorky) which are rearranged using violin and cello.

Special performance by Georgian violinist Helen Mechitova and Hasmik Vardanyan the cellist from Komitas quartet!

Unplugged in Cascade Complex, Yerevan | 11 February 2011



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It was an absolute pleasure to meet the living-legend composer/maestro/singer/songwriter Robert Amirkhanyan at the studio where we were recording a new song. It was amazing to listen to him talk about his experiences over the years and the interesting stories that he told us.

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