Armenian alternative acoustic dark rock band

The Beautified Project – album “behind the happy mask…” (LYRICS)





01. Bitter

Locked up in this cage
I’m a slave to my rage
You always try to help
But you won’t understand

Seems like my first steps
30 years down the line
Taking my first sip
This pain tastes so fine

Strings of this guitar
They try to reflect my pain
But they are getting tired
Of this bitter serenades

Leave it, I’ll find
My own way to my grave
I’ll hold my head up high
As I descend into this filth

Sucking my own blood
Out of my own veins
Searching for some life
In this stupid rotten shell

Making promises
That “I’ll be just fine”
While I search in dark
For a place that I can hide

These hooks in my flesh
They are being pulled again
Never mind the pain
I’m a puppet in this game

Leave it, I’ll survive
It’s not a long run anyway
With just a bit of hope
Things will come to an end.

02. Take My Hand

I’ve felt this pain so many times
But I know this can’t be the end
You’ve know me for so many years
But I’ve changed living through despair

When I’m sitting on my own
Among corners of the room
That’s when I feel ashamed
That’s when my heart feels so cold!

Take my hand and lift me up
I’ve been feeling so down
That’s the way I’ve always felt
And Somehow I feel so proud

Take My hand, take me somewhere new
Away from here, far away from you
As teachers die, the preachers lie,
I’ll take my toll on you
It’s my only sin, my holly sin,
as I’m Bleeding over you

I’ve felt this pain for so many years
And I guess this could be the end

03. Angel

Empty faces, I’m chasing traces
That you won’t see
Waiting for tomorrow,
To bring us more sorrow
But I’ll be ok

Coz, there’s an angel watching me
Oh I wish she could see
She’s too blind to see

Empty bottles, told us our fathers
What we’ve become
Waiting for tomorrow,
For all that sorrow
But I don’t care

Coz, there’s an angel watching me
Oh I wish she could see

She’s too blind to see
Too numb to feel
Too tired to walk
Can’t be bother to talk

Wait a minute I’m not finished
The love you gave it still hurts
I’ll walk with you through this desert
Since heaven seems so far away

There’s an angel watching me
Oh I wish She could See
She’s too blind to…
There’s an angel watching me
But those broken wings
Won’t set me free…

04. Stupid love song

I left the couch for my bed
Thinking about the things you said
I know the truth hasn’t been told
But I’ll hang on to your words

You came to me like summer rain
You washed away all my pain
I know it’s a bit too soon to say
But I love you anyway-oh

The first smile you gave to me
That first kiss punished me
Devil’s burning in your eyes
My life for you I’ll sacrifice

Make a wish it may come true
Although that’s not always true
She says she can see the light
I don’t know… I must be blind

Take a look at this tired soul
You got me running out of control
Fake a smile so I can sleep
And fly with you in my dreams

05. Me and My Despair

Sit and talk to me
Tell me what to do
To get over this pain
That was caused by losing you

Listen to my song
Can you feel my pain?
Like a razorblade
Running through my veins

Tell the world
I’m not here to stay
I’ll find a different way

I can see so clear
What was once a mystery

Now that she’s gone
Me and my despair
We sit and we talk
There’s so much we can share
She knows, But she goes

She smiled to me in her sleep
With her smile she begged me to sing
A little song… A little long

I can see so clear
What was once a mystery
Can’t you see
What you give to me
Is your messed up history

06. Emptiness

Once again we walk alone
Through streets of broken homes
I hold on tight to your hand
Don’t wanna lose the last thing I have

Then you look at me
Like I’m someone new
I keep wondering why
What I’m gonna do?

It’s always the same
I’m lost in this place
You make it taste sour
I’m losing control


Has filled this place
But I’ll find some space
To release this pain

Once again I fly alone
Through dreams of broken hopes
I hold on tight to my bed
Just to make sure I’m not dead

Then you come to me
With an empty smile
And your words of joy
Comfort me for a while

07. Help Me

Waiting for that day
The day that never came
Dreaming of the sun
Waking up to the rain

When I see your face
A Face that’s lost its grace
Memories of the sun
Turning pale and grey

Help me help me
I’m falling once again
Hands are shaking
My voice is trembling

Help me, I’m falling
I’ve slept the edge again
Mirrors breaking
I think I’ve lost the game
Lost the game

Come in to my place
Help me make some sense
Maybe then you’ll feel
What I mean by pain

I’ve always thought that love
Was a mask I could hide behind
But I’ve come to know
It belongs to the other side

Help me… Help me…
Help me… Help me…

08. Been Searching

A little lifetime has gone by
But I’m still sat here waiting
For a forgotten little hope
A rotten helping rope
To come my way

A trace of smile has graced my face
(like) a little man whose felt disgrace
I’ll leave it all behind
I’ll empty my little mind
Once again
From the pain

(I’ve) been searching but never found
The peace of mind you preach
Like a helpless little shadow
I’m growing so tired of me

Like a desperate little boy
Searching for a better toy
I’ll hide behind romances
And play the happy man again

You think you’ll last forever?
(Or) be remembered for the things you’ve done
You’re a little mad
It’s a little sad
The way you see

Your little lifetime has come to an end
There’s so little left to defend
I’m sorry it’s a bit late
You need a bit more faith
To play again

album “beyond the butterfly…” (LYRICS)

5 responses

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  2. The all songs that I listened were full of emotions, feelings, and the most important is that you feel that you listen real high level music.

    September 15, 2011 at 10:53 am

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  4. Eduard

    Hi. Thanks for the songs. May you post the chords of “Help me” please?

    April 15, 2012 at 12:15 pm

  5. What’s up mates, good article and pleasant urging commented at this place, I am truly enjoying by these.

    March 30, 2013 at 9:27 am

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