Armenian alternative acoustic dark rock band

beyond the butterfly…

The Beautified Project – lyrics

1. Butterfly

Beyond her butterfly
She dies every day
Beyond her butterfly
She cries through her veins
Beyond her butterfly
She searches for the truth
Beyond her butterfly she flies.

Butterfly, butterfly in my hands you try to fly
Yes I know it’s so sad, in two days you must die, my butterfly.

Follow this bloody trace
Follow her bloody veins
Maybe then you’ll see
She lives in a darker place
A place where she calls home
She wants to be alone
So that she can face, her pain

Butterfly, butterfly in my hands you try to fly
Yes I know it’s so sad, in two days you must die, my butterfly,
butterfly… butterfly… you must die …


2. All Alone

Watching the mirror stare at me
Watching the future spit on me
Watching me going down
It was hard watching you walk away.

Sitting here all alone
Comes tomorrow I’ll be gone
Even my neighbour Jerry the nun
Hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.

Getting high all alone
All our lives pretending clones
What is wrong with a bit of shame?
When you know you’re the one to blame.

Whispers will turn to louder screams
My life will fall like an autumn leaf
Shadows of the past haunting our dreams
Tonight is the night and I’m so pleased.

hey, hey pain …
Sitting here all alone
Resting on the table a little gun
Even my neighbour Jerry the nun
Hasn’t got a clue what’s going on …

3. But I Can’t

Find a place to hide, find a place to hide
Is this the end of your ride?
Coz you could be my BEAUTIFIED!

Find a way to ride, your emotions and your pride
I’ve found a way to fight
With my faith in my mind.

All these things that I see
Follow my dreams my fantasy
Every day till eternity
I’m searching an angel that feels for me.

It’s neither the time nor the place
To hide behind a different face
Maybe I need my own space
To go through this darker phase.

Every day I feel my world comes crashing down
Every time I see your tears falling down
That’s when I try to hide again

4. Some Promised Hope

Well I guess it’s all over now
As all hopes have expired
But maybe there’s still a chance in hell
So for my love, I’ll go all the way.

Well I guess you’re dissappointed now
As all the joys fade away
But maybe there’s still a promised land
Where we’ll all head one day.

I leave behind all the pain and the memories
I’m lost in my dreams
I search in you what I’ve lost in me
Some promised hope, that will set me free.

Well I know you were the only one,
Who chased her pain just like me
But what if you are the remedy
Who’ll help me through this tragedy.

Will you ever find a way, to shine a bit of light on me
Come enlighten me
I need a bit of time to breathe
I’ve got a lot of pain to feed, to feel complete…

5. It’s a Little Late

It’s a little late darling
To play this game
It’s a little late over
Come sit this pain.

But she knows if she goes
She can never come back again
And I know if she stays
I can never sing my pain to her.

Well I guess she might be the one
but as always I’m on the run
On the run from myself
And anything good that comes my way.

Like a lonesome bird in a broken cage
Like a broken heart in its final stage

6. To Us Together

Sadness in your eyes, madness in your smile
Is tearing me apart
Every time you criticize, everything that you despise
Takes me by surprise.

Maybe tomorrow is too late
For tomorrow I can’t wait anymore
All the little things you said
All the mistakes that I made for you.

Don’t you worry darling
Things could be much worse
I will stay beside you
And drink a little toast
To us together… In pain forever.

Every little sacrifice, every little compromise
Has gone to waste
Every time I’m searching inside
It’s all the times I’m searching inside
There’s nothing I find.

Maybe it’s all in my head
All the things that she said
Maybe it’s a bit too late
To think about the things we felt…

7. Bleak

Come and taste, the sweet sense of sorrow
Reach and feel. the bitter taste of tomorrow
Maybe then, I’ll be there again
Like an autumn leaf, waiting for a final wind.
Why can’t you see, what you’ve done to me
It’s not pleasure or pain, but somehow I feel insane
I sit and talk to God, he tells me he loves me a lot
But love can turn to hate when promises are delayed…

8. Why Kill it

Why kill it? let it sleep
Let her sleep and dream once again
But if she lives, she might ask
Do I know the answers to her prayers?

Wide awake, will I sleep
To see the light once again?
If I bleed, and die in pain
Will she dream of me ever again?

She lights candles for her sins
Reflecting sorrow in her tears
A fallen angel of her dreams
I’ll walk you against my own fears.

Lick the wounds, as they heal
So many scars, they’ll never heal
Cry some more, shed some tears
As she takes it all and dissappears…

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  3. I don’t ordinarily comment but I gotta say appreciate it for the post on this amazing one .

    May 14, 2013 at 10:20 pm

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