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The Beautified Project – album “beyond the butterfly…” (LYRICS)





01. Butterfly

Beyond her butterfly
She dies every day
Beyond her butterfly
She cries through her veins
Beyond her butterfly
She searches for the truth
Beyond her butterfly she flies.

Butterfly, butterfly in my hands you try to fly
Yes I know it’s so sad, in two days you must die, my butterfly.

Follow this bloody trace
Follow her bloody veins
Maybe then you’ll see
She lives in a darker place
A place where she calls home
She wants to be alone
So that she can face, her pain

Butterfly, butterfly in my hands you try to fly
Yes I know it’s so sad, in two days you must die, my butterfly,
butterfly… butterfly… you must die …

02. All Alone

Watching the mirror stare at me
Watching the future spit on me
Watching me going down
It was hard watching you walk away.

Sitting here all alone
Comes tomorrow I’ll be gone
Even my neighbour Jerry the nun
Hasn’t got a clue what’s going on.

Getting high all alone
All our lives pretending clones
What is wrong with a bit of shame?
When you know you’re the one to blame.

Whispers will turn to louder screams
My life will fall like an autumn leaf
Shadows of the past haunting our dreams
Tonight is the night and I’m so pleased.

hey, hey pain …
Sitting here all alone
Resting on the table a little gun
Even my neighbour Jerry the nun
Hasn’t got a clue what’s going on …

03. But I Can’t

Find a place to hide, find a place to hide
Is this the end of your ride?
Coz you could be my BEAUTIFIED!

Find a way to ride, your emotions and your pride
I’ve found a way to fight
With my faith in my mind.

All these things that I see
Follow my dreams my fantasy
Every day till eternity
I’m searching an angel that feels for me.

It’s neither the time nor the place
To hide behind a different face
Maybe I need my own space
To go through this darker phase.

Every day I feel my world comes crashing down
Every time I see your tears falling down
That’s when I try to hide again



The Beautified Project – album “behind the happy mask…” (LYRICS)





01. Bitter

Locked up in this cage
I’m a slave to my rage
You always try to help
But you won’t understand

Seems like my first steps
30 years down the line
Taking my first sip
This pain tastes so fine

Strings of this guitar
They try to reflect my pain
But they are getting tired
Of this bitter serenades

Leave it, I’ll find
My own way to my grave
I’ll hold my head up high
As I descend into this filth

Sucking my own blood
Out of my own veins
Searching for some life
In this stupid rotten shell

Making promises
That “I’ll be just fine”
While I search in dark
For a place that I can hide

These hooks in my flesh
They are being pulled again
Never mind the pain
I’m a puppet in this game

Leave it, I’ll survive
It’s not a long run anyway
With just a bit of hope
Things will come to an end.

02. Take My Hand

I’ve felt this pain so many times
But I know this can’t be the end
You’ve know me for so many years
But I’ve changed living through despair

When I’m sitting on my own
Among corners of the room
That’s when I feel ashamed
That’s when my heart feels so cold!

Take my hand and lift me up
I’ve been feeling so down
That’s the way I’ve always felt
And Somehow I feel so proud

Take My hand, take me somewhere new
Away from here, far away from you
As teachers die, the preachers lie,
I’ll take my toll on you
It’s my only sin, my holly sin,
as I’m Bleeding over you

I’ve felt this pain for so many years
And I guess this could be the end

03. Angel

Empty faces, I’m chasing traces
That you won’t see
Waiting for tomorrow,
To bring us more sorrow
But I’ll be ok

Coz, there’s an angel watching me
Oh I wish she could see
She’s too blind to see

Empty bottles, told us our fathers
What we’ve become
Waiting for tomorrow,
For all that sorrow
But I don’t care

Coz, there’s an angel watching me
Oh I wish she could see

She’s too blind to see
Too numb to feel
Too tired to walk
Can’t be bother to talk

Wait a minute I’m not finished
The love you gave it still hurts
I’ll walk with you through this desert
Since heaven seems so far away

There’s an angel watching me
Oh I wish She could See
She’s too blind to…
There’s an angel watching me
But those broken wings
Won’t set me free…

04. Stupid love song

I left the couch for my bed
Thinking about the things you said
I know the truth hasn’t been told
But I’ll hang on to your words

You came to me like summer rain
You washed away all my pain
I know it’s a bit too soon to say
But I love you anyway-oh

The first smile you gave to me
That first kiss punished me
Devil’s burning in your eyes
My life for you I’ll sacrifice

Make a wish it may come true
Although that’s not always true
She says she can see the light
I don’t know… I must be blind

Take a look at this tired soul
You got me running out of control
Fake a smile so I can sleep
And fly with you in my dreams