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Pale Nightingale lyrics (new album 2016)


01. Lily flower

Lily flower since you’ve left
I’ve left everything where you’d left
This glass of water it talks to me
Its every sip comforts me

I’ll be your wet pillow case
When tears are running down your face
I’ll be that last drop of tear
When you fight your darkest fear

Lily flower don’t you know
Drinking water can be fun sometimes
As you smoke your cigarette and you sip your wine
I’m drinking water and having fun

I hold your hand in your dreams
Swim with you through a sea of tears
I’ll be your last cigarette
When your night comes to an end

Sometimes I feel a little lonely
Sometimes I feel a little down
But Lily she comes and tries to save me
When no one else is around

02. Lost innocence

Far away now
And I might never come home
But I know my heart belongs to you

Fall asleep now
Chase a dream of better days
When awake, it feels pale and grey

And I know I won’t see you again
To cherish you like a long lost friend
And I miss you my lost innocence
My nightingale is not here to stay
She’ll sing her song and she’ll fly away
And I’ll miss her, and her serenade

Pull away now
All the strings of hope
But I know my faith will guide my way

Tell your secrets
Open windows in your mind
It’s just a game
I’m here willing to play

Break a smile
I feel I wanna belong to you
It takes a while
Yes I’m gonna search the truth
If I could only keep you by my side
I would spread my wings
And I would fly

03. I found a way

She comes over to me
She sits and talks to me
I don’t even care
What she has to say

She really thinks I care
One day I’ll dare
To say it her face
I’m sick of her emptiness

I found a way to let her go
That’s the thing you need to know
You found a way to disappear
That’s the way you deal with fear

Bitter taste of pain
I’ve dealt with it my friend
I’m passing it to you
As I’m bleeding tears for you

Listen to you heart
Does it lie to you?
Or like everyone else
Tries to fool with you

Come close and you will see
There’s a heart missing in me
Tell them if they need to know
Cuz I can’t take it anymore

04. Sweet memories

Woke up in my bed
On a sunny day
I saw a bird singing in the balcony
She stared at me

Brightened by the sun
Felt just like a dream
Dream of a light
Dream of a beauty

Let me stay with you
Don’t run away from me
I wanna reach you
My sweet memories

Let me feel you
Don’t hide yourself from me
Don’t wanna lose you
My sweet memories

Searching for your face
In this crowded place
Your walls are high
Your light is too bright
It makes me blind

I have come to know
A secret little place
Where I hide
When I lose my strength

I’ll give my life, to hold you close once again
I’d lose it all if I could ease your pain

05. Wait

Late at night, I come home
I find you sitting on your own
Oh I wish I could explain
How beautiful you look

Silently approaching you
Gently touching you
Oh I wish I could explain
The kind of pleasure that I gain

Hey, hey, wait
I’ve got something to say
Take away the pain

It’s been years since you’ve been gone
Pain of losing you carries on
Oh I wish you’d taken away
All the memories with you

What is it you’re looking for
That you couldn’t find in me?
What is it that I want
That I’ve lost in everybody else?

06. One more day

It’s not every single day
But sometimes I do sit and pray
I pray for better days
Away from this lonesome place

Stay, Stay in Love
When I noticed the tears in your eyes
They came to me as some kind of surprise
I thought about them every day and every night
Girl I’m sorry you’re not by my side

But at least now I know
Every tomorrow will bring some more pain
Even if you stay baby, even if you care
It won’t be the same, it won’t be the same

Once again I find myself
In a position where I’ve lost myself
But don’t you worry I’ll be fine
I just need some more time

Stay in Love one more day
I don’t really care what comes my way
The past is gone, the future is a secret
Today I’m hoping I’ll find my way

07. Արագիլ

Ես ոչ անտուն եմ, ոչ էլ տարագիր
Ունեմ հանգրվան, ունեմ օթևան
Ազատ հայրենիք, երջանիկ Երկիր
Երջանիկ, երջանիկ Երկիր

Բարով արագիլ, բարի արագիլ
Արագիլ գարնան, արագիլ ամռան
Իմ տան մոտ ապրիր բախտի արագիլ
Բույն հյուսի ծառին, բարդու կատարին

Իմ բալիկների աստղերն են շողում
Հույսով, անթառամ վարդերով վառման,
Վշտերս դառան ժպիտներ շողուն
Ժպիտներ, ժպիտներ շողուն

08. Don’t blame me

Don’t Blame me I’m innocent
I just happened to be in your way
If I could change anything
My mistakes would stay the same

I fall behind so I can see
My own self from your point of view
But I guess you were too far to see
The kind of pain I was going through

Just because I wonder
It doesn’t mean that I’m lost
Just because you found me here
Doesn’t mean that I’m not

Then again what’s the point?
You’re still the one I try to avoid
Who am I to decide or say
I would do thing my own way?

Find the words to say
What happened wasn’t fair
You cut me open and left me bleeding
Consolation is what we need