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New music video for “But I Can’t”

Dear Beautified Family,

Here’s our new music video for the song ‘But I Can’t’.

Please, feel free to share this video,

so that we can extend our big our ever-growing Beautified Family.

We  appreciate your comments here  and in youtube.

It is your kind feedback that helps us choose our next step.

Thank you all. ENJOY IT…

The Beautified Project’s 8th official music video.
Song: But I Can’t
Album: Beyond The Butterfly…
Lyrics: Andre Simonian
Music: The Beautified Project
Director: secret

©All rights reserved. 2011

The Beautified Project – But I Can’t (lyrics)

Find a place to hide, find a place to hide
Is this the end of your ride?
Coz you could be my BEAUTIFIED!

Find a way to ride, your emotions and your pride
I’ve found a way to fight
With my faith in my mind.

All these things that I see
Follow my dreams my fantasy
Every day till eternity
I’m searching an angel that feels for me.

It’s neither the time nor the place
To hide behind a different face
Maybe I need my own space
To go through this darker phase.

Every day I feel my world comes crashing down
Every time I see your tears falling down
That’s when I try to hide again